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Blackmax Asphalt Maintenance is a complete asphalt repair and maintenance company in Lincoln, NE. We pride ourselves on the many services we provide. No matter the issue with the asphalt, we have a solution for it. We always get our work done in a timely and efficient manner with phenomenal customer service.

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Asphalt Crack Sealing  

When it comes to your parking lot you need to stay ahead of the game, identifying and dealing with issues before they become serious problems. A single crack left untreated can quickly multiply into hundreds of fractures that will threaten the integrity of your pavement structure. 

 Once asphalt becomes cracked and fractured, water is able to penetrate the surface all the way to the base and sub-base layers. The freeze-thaw cycles common during Lincoln’s harsh winters cause those cracks to expand, resulting in pavement failure and requiring costly resurfacing.

Asphalt repair    

Asphalt is a flexible pavement and has a specific life cycle based on its original design intended use. As the pavement ages, it will require isolated repairs to maximize the life of the remaining pavement system.

St. Louis Paving can perform all the necessary work to keep your parking lots, driveways and roadways in top condition, for as long as possible.    

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paved parking lot


Asphalt striping involves the application of various marks and signs on an asphalt roadway or parking lot. Striping is done for various reasons, including beauty and safety. Blackmax Asphalt Maintenance keeps the striping on your pavement consistent and bold.  

Asphalt Sealcoating  

If your asphalt is too far gone for maintenance to correct, Blackmax Asphalt Maintenance offers excellent repair and sealing service to get it back into working order. Our sealing process can help cover up cracks and rough spots in the asphalt and give it a nice, new shine while helping protect the older asphalt from the elements.  

laying asphalt